Do It Yourself- Find out who visited your Facebook Account (100% Working)

Posted by Thilak

Everyone has the curiosity to know who is visiting their profile.Like a boy is curios to know whether his girl friend visits his profile.So I(Thilak) have a solution for this.With a new trick you can know who visited you Facebook account and also you can know who visits your profile most of the time.This trick is really easy,100% working and it also doesn't need any 3rd party software or app.Using Google Chrome is recommended.

Check Out The New Trick here- Facebook most visited friends

How To Find Who Visited Your Facebook Timeline-

 Go to Your Facebook Timeline.

☑ Right click on your Account and select 'View Page Source' or you can simply use a quick shortcut- Ctrl+U.

☑ Now hit Ctrl+F to use the find feature and quickly search for "InitialChatFriendsList" (Note For Nerds-No quotes).

☑ You will see a set/list of profile ID's within quotes. These are the profile ID's of your friends who visit your profile most of the time.

☑ The first person on the list is the person who visits your account for maximum number of times whereas the last person is the person who visits the minimum number of times.

☑ Copy the Any one of the Facebook ID shown in the set of ID's and paste it after with a "slash" (/) and hit enter.For example- If the ID is- xyzxyzyxzxyz then you need to type in your address bar and hit enter.

☑ Enjoy!